It's A Dangerous World Out There

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It's A Dangerous World Out There

When I got in to the tow truck business, I thought that my days would be filed with being out in the open air and meeting interesting people. Little did I know that every day would present serious safety challenges. As cars travel too closely and roads remain slick, it is all I can do to pull stranded motorists out of ditches to safety. I have had more than one close call, and unfortunately, I have lost a few friends out there. My personal goal is to spread the word about the dangers of tow truck driving, so that everyone can remain safe on the road.

Should You Hire A Long-Distance Towing Company To Move Your Car Cross-Country?

If you own multiple vehicles, moving them across the country to your new home can be quite a chore. You can drive one vehicle to your new home, but then what do you do with the rest of them? People solve this problem in multiple ways. Some have a friend drive their car to them, and then they pay for that friend to fly home. Others have their cars loaded on a car carrier and driven to them. Read More 

What You Should Know About Heavy Duty Towing

Auto breakdowns and accidents can occur at any time. Therefore, you need a reliable towing company to mitigate such issues. Towing companies offer different services, depending on your needs. Here are things you should know about heavy-duty towing. Purpose Usually, heavy-duty tow trucks haul away large vehicles that fail on the road or get involved in accidents. So, if your SUV, recreational vehicle, or truck encounters a roadside situation, a heavy-duty tow truck can offer you help. Read More 

4 Advantages of Flatbed Towing

Towing companies widely use flatbed trucks, which means you can easily access the services any time you have a towing emergency. As their name suggests, the trucks have a wide flat surface at the back where the hauling experts will place your car. The wide surface provides enough room to fit your vehicle perfectly.  This article will discuss the advantages of using flatbed trucks for towing. Prevent Damage The whole vehicle is put on the truck's rear surface in flatbed towing. Read More 

Signs You Should Call A Towing Company

Having to call a towing company may not cross your mind until your car develops problems. Surprisingly, some drivers may ignore car problems and continue with their journey. You may get away with it, but that isn't the way to go. Enlist the help of a towing company as soon as you notice these signs. Changes in Handling If you are used to driving your vehicle, it's easy to tell when the handling is off. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Contact 247 Emergency Towing Services When Your Car Breaks Down

When planning a road trip, you will likely prepare adequately for any situation or challenges along the way. You might take your vehicle for comprehensive maintenance service and get a spare wheel in preparation for the trip. But what if you get into a collision or the engine fails? There's no immediate cure for the two situations apart from towing your vehicle to safety. Here is where 24/7 emergency towing services come in. Read More