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It's A Dangerous World Out There

When I got in to the tow truck business, I thought that my days would be filed with being out in the open air and meeting interesting people. Little did I know that every day would present serious safety challenges. As cars travel too closely and roads remain slick, it is all I can do to pull stranded motorists out of ditches to safety. I have had more than one close call, and unfortunately, I have lost a few friends out there. My personal goal is to spread the word about the dangers of tow truck driving, so that everyone can remain safe on the road.

5 Things You Can Do If You Lock Yourself Out Of Your Vehicle

You get in and out of your vehicle hundreds of times over the course of a year. It is natural that eventually, you are going to lock your keys in your vehicle. If you lock your keys inside of your vehicle, there are various ways you can respond to the situation.

Thing #1: Get Out Your Hide-A-Key

If you have a hide-a-key on your vehicle, now is the time to use it. A hide-a-key attaches magnetically to your vehicle and can be placed wherever you want it to go. It is a small device that allows you to hide a key directly on your vehicle. Most people place the hide-a-key device under their vehicle, where it cannot easily be spotted. 

Thing #2: Call Your Family

If a family member or friend has a spare key for your vehicle, give them a call and let them know that you have locked yourself out of your vehicle and see if they can bring you the spare. It is best to use a spare key to get into your vehicle if you have access to one.

If you have a spare key in your home, call a friend or family member who has a key to your home and have them bring you the spare key to your vehicle.

Thing #3: Call a Locksmith

You can call a mobile locksmith. A mobile locksmith can do one of two things.

One, they may be able to gain access to your vehicle for you without damaging the vehicle. Two, they may be able to make a temporary key that will allow you to unlock the car and open the doors to your vehicle but will not allow you to start the vehicle.

This will allow you to get inside your vehicle and get your regular keys, which you can then use to start your vehicle.

Thing #4: Call a Tow Truck

You can also call your local towing service. They should have trained technicians that can help you gain access to your vehicle without damaging the vehicle. Most towing companies have special lock-out technicians on duty who will be able to help you get into your vehicle.

Thing #5: Call Roadside Assistance

If you have a roadside assistance package, they will call and find either a locksmith or a towing company that can get to you as quickly as possible to provide you with assistance. 

If you are ever need to unlock your car, then someone in your area should be able to help you get into your vehicle. Consider contacting a service like to help you out!